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Shiatsu is a Japanese system of healing which restores well being by engaging with the natural energy in the body.  Shiatsu means finger pressure and has its origins in Oriental medical theory and techniques that are centuries old.   It is a powerful therapeutic treatment that works on a subtle and deep level; a treatment can make you feel deeply relaxed and energised.

Disease and symptoms are regarded as imbalances in the body. The application of gentle pressure and stretching along meridian lines and tsubos (acu-points) stimulates the flow of blood and energy (ki) through the body stimulating the immune system to trigger self healing.  A range of techniques are used to release tense, stagnant areas and building up weak empty areas in the body. Additional techniques used could include cupping and spooning and the burning of mugwort (moxa) for stimulating warmth.  Gentle exercises and stretches between treatments may be given along with new eating or lifestyle changes.

Vivien Watmough practices Shiatsu from 8am - 6pm Monday - Thursday.  Call 57953349 to make an appointment. 

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