July 1, 2015

The world we live in is fast paced, and a large portion of our lives are filled with white noise. The days go by so quickly that before you know it weeks become months, and month’s turn into years in what seems like the blink of an eye.

As human beings we love to consume. There is never enough food, never enough drink and certainly never enough time, and we consume our information just as fast as we consume our food and drink. Chances are, you will forget the majority of what you read today by this time next week, as it joins the static as just another part of the white noise (much as this sentence just did).

This is the first in a series of articles outlining the concept of ownership. Hopefully it will stimulate something inside you that will resonate long after you have read it, and will inspire you to take some sort of action.

These days we move through life at such a blinding pace, that we barely even look out the window anymore, and if we do, it is likely just a whirl of mixed togeth...

June 10, 2015

There is an old saying that says, “you are what you eat”, and in many regards truer words have never been spoken. The foods we eat and drink fuel our bodies to perform their daily functions – but how much do we really know about the “foods” we are ingesting?

The title of this article is “Food vs Nutrition”, however it is not intended to pit one against the other. On the contrary, this article is designed to introduce the concept of nutrition to readers, in an effort to encourage you to take a deeper look at the food you are eating, and how it relates to your bodies nutritional needs. Using the Front Foot Forward philosophy of Ownership, it is time to start taking ownership and responsibility for the fuel we are putting in our bodies. Arm yourself with the knowledge so you can make informed choices about your own nutrition. You would not put diesel in your unleaded car because you know not to, and after reading this series you will come to understand that in order for your body to run op...

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Ownership - The Fundamentals

July 1, 2015

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