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Naturopathy uses natural medicines to help you feel better as quickly as possible, to reach an improved state of wellbeing and help to prevent health problems from reoccurring. Naturopathy does this by alleviating your symptoms, increasing your vitality and most importantly by addressing and correcting the underlying cause of your health concern.

To restore health and wellbeing, Naturopathy utilizes herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, flower essences, iridology as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. Client education is also an important part of our approach at OneToOne wellbeing Centre as it enhances your ability to be an active participant in your own health care.  Integrative Medicine encompasses the allopathic and natural medicine paradigms and has a valuable role in treating any functional, structural, mental or emotional imbalance with its broad range of remedies, as well as working beautifully as an adjunct to many other alternative and orthodox therapies.

Vanita Dahia practices Naturopathy on the following days and times XXXXX

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