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Gestalt & Psychotherapy


Gestalt Therapy is one of the mainstream psychotherapies in the world today.  It is an experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasises a person’s capacity for change and growth to explore and experience new options in the way they live their life. It is based on the understanding that all human experience occurs in a context of relationships and the environment in which they live.  It values the uniqueness of the individual and the meaning given to their experience whilst recognising this perspective is constructed from these influences.

There are times in our lives when we feel things are not going in the direction we would like, when events overwhelm us and when we need the assistance of a therapist to help us make sense of our current experience. Gestalt Counselling and Therapy is uniquely placed to assist with clients experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, addictions, trauma including PTSD and other psychological disorders.

Vivien Watmough practices Gestalt & Psychotherapy from 8am - 6pm Monday - Thursday.  Call 57953349 to make an appointment. 

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